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Blog entry by David Spencer

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Install or Update a Driver for Realtek Network Drivers

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How to access Android TV Remote control through a Bluetooth connection?

I need to get the information from the buttons on the remote control of my Android TV via a Bluetooth connection. It is not a problem to enable the Bluetooth for the settings menu of the remote control:

But I have no idea how I can access the buttons on the remote control. I know that there is a java library for this, but I have no idea how to use it.


The device contains an Android TV and not just Android. It therefore cannot be controlled by a generic Android application but a remote control specific one should do the job. Look at this excellent list of remote controls available for Android TV:
I see you can take a look at the android-remote control library that is written for a similar purpose but it is old. Have a look at the list of projects here:

I hate pain. It makes me so mad. I hate it. If it doesn't go away, there has to be something more powerful. Yes, you read right. I said, 'powerful'. I am tired of being powerless. I am tired of my life being hell and it hasn't even been over a year since my accident.

From the very beginning, I have strived to write, only writing. I liked that I didn't have to be in the public eye, that I was hiding inside myself. But I became a different person


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