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Autocad 2012 64 Bit Download With ((NEW)) Crack

Autocad 2012 64 Bit Download With ((NEW)) Crack

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Autocad 2012 64 Bit Download With Crack


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Java : FileOutputStream not able to open file

I am developing an application in java. In my application I have used DataOutputStream to output a file. The code to output file is given below:
public static void setUpOutputStream(OutputStream out)
FileOutputStream fs = new FileOutputStream("/sdcard/ssfile.txt");

Here'ssfile.txt' is a file created in my device. But in my application its not finding the file and gives me the error: "No such file or directory". Please tell me where I am doing wrong, why its not finding file.
Thanks in advance.


You are using /sdcard/ssfile.txt. That's wrong. You probably want /mnt/sdcard/ssfile.txt instead.


I guess, you have to specify exact directory where the file will be created. Try to use file like sdcard/ssfile.txt.

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