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FIFA Insider welcomed in-depth analysts Christian Eyck and Alex Fojtasek to discuss the new elements in the game. They discussed the progress of the new engine, including its DirectX 12 and Vulkan support, and its new global ball physics, animation, and player controls.

A FAQ on the new motion capture technology and its specifics was also shared by Fojtasek.

The developers stressed that FIFA 17 and FIFA 18 are still relevant to play, and have not been taken into consideration at all for the new generation. The game's goal is to create a game that is fun for both experienced players and those new to football, and that focuses on the new generation's appetite for authenticity.

FIFA Insiders are currently deep in the development process, and some cool changes are already coming up. The details below will help you get a better understanding of the game before it arrives on your console.


Developers of FIFA’s game engine have been working hard on its refinement over the last two years, with last year's FIFA 18 being the first version of the engine to use the updated CPU/GPU features of the next-gen consoles: PS4 and Xbox One. These features, which are called DirectX 12 and Vulkan, help with rendering and processing, particularly in the area of per-object instancing and tessellation.

FIFA 18 benefitted from these features, and ended up being the first installment to support the new generation of consoles. In FIFA 19, the team is focusing on making the engine itself even more lightweight. This new approach reduces the power requirements for CPU and GPU, and actually renders the game faster on the previous-gen consoles, such as PS3 and Xbox 360.

While the engine is already available for testing and use by the development team, some changes to the game's users' needs have led to some adjustments to the engine. Namely, some of the features in FIFA 18 that worked in the previous-gen consoles (such as tessellation) didn’t benefit from the new architecture in that hardware setup. That’s why, to avoid any confusion, for FIFA 20, the developers are not planning on supporting DirectX 12 or Vulkan on the previous-gen consoles.

Console Requirements

The current version of the engine — for FIFA 19 and earlier — is designed to work with a variety of previous-gen consoles, including PS3 and Xbox 360. While the development team



Features Key:

  • Live Player Motion Diorama - Take the game to a whole new level by experiencing Player Motion capturing in motion using the game’s new ¬in place motion controller which can be used for gameplay, creation and sharing. For Player Motion capture alone, you’ll have the option of playing computer-generated players that match your real-life on-pitch abilities or having Players trained using a control pad with or without an Xbox One or PlayStation®4/Vita camera docked.
  • In-Game App Package for Simultaneous Laptop Gaming - In addition to the state of the art multiplayer modes as seen in single-player.
  • FIFA Spirit
  • FIFA Pro Evolution Soccer The Journey of FIFA - The Journey of FIFA, a story-driven mode that introduces a brand new city to the series, allowing you to follow your favorite team as it sets out to become the best in the world. The new story-driven campaign will be presented entirely through a single, comprehensive 360° cinematic, as FIFA Tactics allows players to join their favorite club on the pitch for a string of exciting matches.
  • International Team of the Year - The International Team of the Year is a tournament that sees up to 64 teams from around the world pitted against one another in FIFA Ultimate Team™ mode. The teams who finish as top three will be announced alongside the FIFA eWorld Cup final weekend.
  • A New BBC Sport Soccer Show - FIFA e-Sports New Generation brings to life the drama and action that takes place when eSports teams are competing in FIFA competition. In FIFA e-Sports you’ll be rooting for your favorite eSports team from a unique angle, such as a first-person perspective, or as a manager.
  • Solo Pro - Take the new Pro Ultimate Team mode online for free with friends. There are no restrictions, no in-game purchases and no platform requirements. Choose your favorite team and get started straight away. Each participant can modify their team, and it’s entirely customizable depending on your abilities.
  • FIFA Story - FIFA Story Mode is a narrative-driven single-player mode that showcases FUT’s human side, putting you in control of the story, and offers loads of dynamic gameplay mechanics and storytelling through a host of characters.
  • FIFA Ball Physics II - Experience


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    FIFA Ultimate Team™

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    EA SPORTS™ FIFA 22 is the next generation football video game, putting you in the heart of the pitch – the real pitch – and makes you feel like part of the authentic game with the all-new next-gen physics system, redefining ball control and reaction.

    Key Features:

    • In FIFA, every player counts: From the formation to the tactics, every facet of football is real. Play like a true footballing general – your decisions directly affect the outcome of every match. Define your style of play with almost limitless customization and hone your skills to create your own unique FUT team in Career Mode or compete online and build your Ultimate Team.

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    FUT has long been a staple of the FIFA franchise and its popularity shows no sign of waning in FIFA 22. Players can now move their Ultimate Team roster across the game seamlessly, giving them access to all FUT content with the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team card. There are over 1,000 cards to collect in FUT, with new career-ready FUT packs making collecting even more compelling. In Career Mode, players can now create and edit players and kits, receiving customised gear.

    Ultimate Team Superstars –
    New FUT Superstars include Ronaldo, Ballon d’Or winner and soccer legend Ronaldo, a wholly new, and most importantly, authentic Ronaldo – a teammate who offers advice, assists and bonus items as he guides players through the game. There’s also new Brazilian World Cup and Copa América stars, a new New York Cosmos legend, and a total of 25 players from the 2018 FIFA World Cup who will be getting their own FUT Superstar careers.

    Club World Cup –
    Now clubs can compete in the Club World Cup as part of the FIFA 22 game. The biggest club tournament in the game, Club World Cup brought top club sides and teams from all around the world together to compete in a fantastic tournament to witness. Utilising EA SPORTS FIFA 19 engine, the Club World Cup features new stadiums, player animations, stadiums, jerseys, and more bringing the most realistic Club World Cup to life.

    EA SPORTS FIFA on Xbox One:

    FIFA Ultimate Team
    Due to the improved FUT card store functionality, collecting players in the game has never been easier. Every pack in Ultimate Team offers a chance to unlock real-life FIFA players and earn exclusive in-game rewards. From Season Tickets to new FUT Challenges, the rewards will always be in-game and new, more authentic cards will be added all the time.

    EA SPORTS FIFA Game of The Year Edition
    EA SPORTS FIFA 22 Game of the Year Edition is the ultimate package of FIFA gaming all in one. Filled with exclusive features that makes the FIFA experience more authentic and welcoming, expect to see enhanced controls and new FIFA iconography. Expect to see full game resolution and an enhanced graphics engine that delivers realistic world-class stadiums and environments.

    FIFA on Windows 10
    The universe of FIFA in the most detailed and realistic simulation of the world of football ever built by EA SPORTS. Immerse yourself in over 500,000 official player names, voices and


    What's new in Fifa 22:

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