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Fund a Hafiz

Fund a Hafiz

Earn continuous reward every time the student reads the Quran, and even better, continue to earn exponentially as this knowledge is propagated.

Earn 3 Million reward of good deeds every month.

Earn 11,000 reward of good deeds every day.

Indeed, on average a hafiz reads 1 juz a day, or the entire Quran in 30 days, and for each letter they obtain 10 good deeds as reward.

As we move towards a world which is vulnerable and unpredictable, it is imperative that we move towards a solution where Hifz ul Quran can continue anytime, anywhere without the constraints of physical contact.

At we have launched different hifz programmes for learners of all ages. This project has some costs implied over and above the staff costs such as:
- Server hosting
- Electronic storage space
- Technical support to teachers and learners

This is your opportunity to fund a Hafiz.
Support this cause by donating now.

Contact us on (230) 5259-5405.

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